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Exploring surveys with WPForms as plugin for WordPress


According to WPForms, the thing is, customers keep sending feature requests to their support team, and one of the frequent demands is customers asking for a survey feature. Realizing that it would be great for people to be able to create interactive surveys and polls with beautiful reports using WPForms, Surveys and Polls Addon went live in February 2018 by the WPForms team.

The addon comes with a powerful conditional logic feature allowing to personalize survey questions based on user’s previous answer, multiple choices, Likert scale, file uploads, multi-page forms and integrating WordPress survey forms with an email marketing service or collect payments.

Here is the survey form implemented by us for our main website to ‘collect customer feedback, then generate survey reports to determine satisfaction and spot trends’:


We have kept ‘content’ as our first field since this is a content-driven website. For an online store, ‘purchase’ can take place of ‘content’, which in fact, is default with this survey form template by WPForms:

Take a look at NPS (Net Promoter Score) Survey implemented for TNS Securities, a financial service provider, to find out first if their clients or customers would recommend them to someone else on a score 1 to 10, and then on submitting score, asking what can be done to improve with this template by WPForms:


Now, a glance at ‘NPS Survey Enhanced Form’ that is implemented by Pixel India, an IT retail shop in Bardhaman, West Bengal of India. After recording ‘how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague’ in the scale from 1 to 10 and ‘what do you like most about us’, there is an opportunity  to know if the respondent is willing to write a testimonial, and if yes, the respondent will be followed up through subsequent interaction over the submitted emailid.

However, survey forms are just a part of the whole gamut of forms that one should be using on their websites. There will also be forms like application forms, registration forms, complaint forms to administer the business process while coming out with new leads, customers, business partnerships, sponsors thereby helping decide on so many business moves such as filling demographic choices while opting for Facebook ads.

For a training center, admission form/application form is the medium to convert an applicant into a student while keeping records of students’ details such as date of birth, photo, phone no. Here is an example of application form implemented by Mankar Youth, a computer training centre in Mankar, West Bengal of India using WPForms.

When it comes exclusively to surveys, Survey Monkey is a well-recognized platform that is focused on developing a survey software with a suite of products specifically designed to help collect and understand data from customers, employees, or target market. Like WPForms, Survey Monkey too has a free plan. More advanced features like adding payment links with forms are not available in the free plan. However, according to, “SurveyMonkey doesn’t offer an easy way to rearrange answer choices by dragging them around.” Also, according to the same report, “SurveyMonkey occasionally hides useful features, requiring you to poke at options until you discover where they are.”

While there are numerous other form builders for WordPress (most popular CMS with market share of more than 60%) including Gravity Forms, one thing unique about WPForms is that this drag & drop web form software is from the same house that is behind OptinMonster, a lead generation software for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, and MonsterInsights, an analytics and business intelligence software to grow your business. In other words, there is an opportunity to integrate form building, internet marketing, and analytics in a cohesive manner with WPForms and OptinMonster suite of products that are specially designed for WordPress users. Want to get a custom quote for using WPForms, OptinMonster, Monster Insights together? Have a pre-sales question or a general question about how their site/service works?  Complete the form after clicking Contact Us.


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WPForms: Recommended Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder

WPFormsFrom accepting CV of candidates (making use of customized fields in job application form together with file upload feature for uploading CV already prepared in Word/PDF format) willing to join your company to a customized form for booking hotel rooms, a lot can be done with well thoughtout forms.

Armed with a better tool to interact with WPForms, you leverage forms not only to get new leads but also serve existing customers. No technical or coding knowledge needed.

To save time so that you never start from scratch again, use WPForm’s elaborate pre-built form templates that are regularly updated based on the experience handling WPForms users of almost every niche and industry. For instance, using a Likert Scale on your site’s survey forms gives you an opportunity to know your customers’ feedback/opinion. While designing a customer feedback survey about a certain product, service, or experience, you get immediate access to sample Likert Scale Questions to choose from.

WPForms are mobile friendly. These forms can be integrated with Paypal/Stripe making it easier to raise subscriptions/donations. Here is a full list of features that includes spam protection, instant form notification, and so-called Smart Conditional Logic:

Drag and Drop Form BuilderEasily add, remove, re-arrange fields with built-in drag and drop builder.
Form Templates Pack AddonStart from the library of pre-built form templates saving time.
ResponsiveForms will look great on all devices - desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones.
Smart Conditional Logic Show or hide fields based on a selected item.
Instant NotificationsWhenever a user submits a form, you will be instantly notified via email. You can choose to notify just your email or other team members.
Entry ManagementAll the leads are stored in the WordPress database and easily accessible through your WordPress dashboard.
Multi-page FormsFor a better user experience, you can break forms into multiple parts or pages.
File UploadsAllow users to upload files (text, images, videos) with restriction on maximum file size (for storage space constraint).
Spam ProtectionCaptcha (including custom questions and math captcha) and Honeypot to stop spam form submissions.
PayPal & Stripe Add-onsEasily receive payments, donations through PayPal and Stripe as they can be integrated with the WpForms.
Integration with other Popular Internet Marketing ToolsIntegrate with Zapeir, Constant Contact, AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Drip.
Post Submissions AddonAllow users to submit guest posts and other contents.
Surveys and polls AddonCreate survey forms and analyze the data with interactive reports.
Signature AddonAllow users to sign your online forms with their mouse or touchscreen.
Easy to EmbedEasily embed forms on your pages, posts, widgets, footers along with other contents.
Abandonment AddonFor different reasons, sometimes users abandon after filling up partial forms. Get to know the details filled in such incomplete forms.
Offline Forms AddonFeature to save data even if for some reason there is internet disconnection. Feature to save data on browser so that the forms can be submitted once online.
Form Locker AddonLock your WordPress forms with permissions and access control rules including passwords, members-only, specific date / time, max entry limit.
Suggest a FeatureTrying to do something different and unable to find how to do? Suggest a feature that you need and let us help you build it.